About Your Visit to NEOSS

Welcome to New England Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery, LLC! In an attempt to expedite processing of your medical history, demographic and insurance information, we are asking you to review and complete the following information in advance and hand carry them to your appointment:

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Please be advised that it is imperative that you bring in your insurance cards to your appointment at NEOSS. If your health insurance requires a referral, the following guidelines are strictly followed:

  1. We recommend you contact your primary care physician as soon as you schedule your appointment with our office.
  2. We verify referrals one week in advance of scheduled appointments. If we are unable to verify your referral, our office staff will notify you via telephone that we will be postponing your appointment until we receive the referral.
  3. Please understand that many patients require further radiographic, diagnostic testing, injections or surgical procedures. Without a referral in place, our ability to assist you is limited.

In addition, New England Baptist Hospital Radiology currently has a satellite facility located in our building. If your physician is requesting that you have an x-ray done on the date of service, you must pre-register with the Hospital for billing purposes. You can do so by calling NEBH Pre-Registration prior to your appointment with us.

In the event that you are unable to call in advance, there is a kiosk in the basement level of NEOSS for your use. You may also use your cell phone but please be aware that cell phone reception may be limited in the basement of our building. Please ensure that your conversation is not overheard by others to protect your privacy. In the event that you are unable to register in advance, your visit may be delayed or even require postponement. We are hopeful that in the near future, our computer will populate the Hospital database, but presently, we are unable to share your information.

Once you have completed your pre-registration process, you will be directed to go to the NEBH Radiology Suite #110.