Welcome to New England Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery (NEOSS)!

At NEOSS, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of adult spinal disorders. We focus only on the spine, which enables us to devote our practice to the care of patients with neck pain and back problems. This unwavering dedication means we offer the highest quality and most cost-effective care and treatment, individualized for you and designed with the best possible outcome: getting you back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

The practice was founded over 30 years ago by renowned surgeon Alexander "Bink" Wright. It was nurtured and grown by two of the area's top physicians: Dr. Peter Anas and Dr. Howard Martin.

Today, New England Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery is comprised of three orthpedic surgeons and two certified physician's assistants who, working as a team, are dedicated to continuing their predecessors' vision of providing patients with the best spine care available.

Our physicians have trained at some of the finest institutions in the country and continue to take advanced specialty training in orthopaedics to provide evaluation and treatment based on the most up-to-date techniques and information. Additionally, NEOSS is affiliated with New England Baptist Hospital, a world-class Orthopedic Center of Excellence.

NEOSS' Philosophy of Care

We understand the challenges facing patients with spinal disorders. We treat each patient as an individual with unique needs and use a team approach to enable timely, effective diagnoses and treatments.

We want you to be a part of that team so you can take an active part in your own care. We are committed to working WITH you by providing information and answering questions about your condition and the available treatment alternatives.

Our Commitment to Our Patients

At New England Orthopaedic & Spine, we are committed to:

  • Delivering excellent care to our patients, treating them with care, compassion and respect.
  • Understanding our patients' needs and communicating with them, ensuring they fully understand their treatment plans.
  • Continuously improving our services to our patients.
  • Providing care that is appropriate, timely, and responsive to our patients' needs.

In short — we are committed to our patients' satisfaction.

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